UK tour

We'll be over in the UK end of November together with our fellow-country-men Antillectual.

Here are the dates:

![UKtour2013 copy.jpg](/uploads/archiv/flyers/UKtour2013 copy.jpg)

Monday, 18 November 2013, 16:19 Sweet Empire

North Empire Fest 1.5 / TAPE release

We'll be playing North Empire Fest 1.5 this Saturday at De Bakkerij in Castricum (NL). Alongside some really cool bands/friends: Broadcaster, Muncie Girls, All Aboard, The Windowsill, Ride The Fader, and The Lost Noise. Doors are at 5.30pm and it's €6 to get in. Drop by!


We'll also be releasing a compilation tape called 'Cause Vinyl Is For Hipsters this Saturday. Released by Trilob Records, the tape contains The Flood EP, SE/OJW Split, Soapbox, and Torches (acoustic). So get your tape deck out and listen to this bad boy, for only €3 ony of the only 50 copies can be yours.


Tuesday, 5 November 2013, 21:37 Sweet Empire

7" release show

We're playing our split 7" release show tonight at Cafe Lokaal, Heemskerk. The split is with Fighting Fiction from the UK, and of course they'll be playing too. Doors are at 8, and it's free to get in.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013, 17:41 Sweet Empire

Shows this week

We'll be playing two (local) shows this week but first we'll be haning out at Cafe Lokaal tonight to see our friends in Elway (US) play alongside Eat Defeat (UK). Should be good!

Thursday we're playing LUA, Beverwijk. With ИO///sé (US) and The Lost Noise. Can't wait for that. ИO///sé's album has been one of our favorites of the last time.


On Saturday we're a little said for having to play this particular show, as it's the last ever show of our very best friends of Translated. We're gutted to see them leave, but we're happy to party with them (as a band) for the very last time. And a party it will be! Also be sure to check out their 'say-goodbye-release', as it is an amazing EP. (click here!)
Saturday October 12th: Translated (last ever show!) + Sweet Empire + The Hearted @ Cafe Lokaal, Heemskerk, NL (20:00h, free entry)

Tuesday, 8 October 2013, 15:59 Sweet Empire


The split 7" has been out for over a month now but we're happy to give to you the first review. We're glad it's a positive read. Thanks to Two Beats Off for taking the time to listen and write.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013, 16:55 Sweet Empire