Design of our new merch

Emma, who made our design for our new merch, has posted a lovely story about how she made it. We are still blown away by the result. Have a read here and be sure to check out her other work too. Thanks lots Emma!

Friday, 27 April 2012, 14:19 Bert Hekman

New merch

We've got some new merch!
2 different types of girlies, 2 shirts, and tote bags. All fair trade and sweatshop free. Check it out!
Order from our webstore (click!) (the girlies are very limited and only available at shows)

The design features extinct animals like an Irish Elk, a Mammoth, and a Dodo. And it has been made by Emiloumakes, we think it's stunning. You really should check out her website.






Friday, 20 April 2012, 19:37 Bert Hekman

Compilation and magazine feature

Our song "On Fake Borders" has been featured on an American compilation CD which has been released to support the making of a documentary called "Tikkun Olam". This documentary will be about the relation between Judaism, punk rock, and radical politics.
We'd like to thank Matt for putting us on the compilation and we wish him the best of luck with the documentary. We're looking forward to seeing the end result.
You can download the compilation or order a copy (incl. zine!) over here.
Read more on the documentary here.
Also check out their associate website

Besides this great news we've also been featured in Proefdiervrij's magazine. Proefdiervrij is a Dutch organization which fights against testing on animals.
We played a festival last February which had 'science' as the main theme. We thought it would be a nice idea to get Proefdiervrij some attention, and so we did. They supplied us with promotional material and even gave us some awesome shirts! Besides talking about the good cause we asked people at the show for a donation and ended up raising €135. Thanks so much to the people who donated! We are happy we could help out Proefdiervrij, and what they stand for, by doing this show.
Check out the article:


Tuesday, 10 April 2012, 16:43 Bert Hekman

Sale - Special Offer - Discount

We've got some stuff up for sale. Special offers! Discount! etc.!

Get a (fair trade, sweatshop free) t-shirt for €7,50 and include a 'This Season Needs Torches' CD or LP to make a total of €15.

Get on this! Go to our webstore.

Thursday, 29 March 2012, 17:34 Bert Hekman

A late review

Yet another review of 'This Season Needs Torches' has surfaced. This time on Check it out over here.

Monday, 26 March 2012, 16:51 Bert Hekman