Tour is over

Our tour with Irish Handcuffs has come to an end. We had the best time and can't wait to be back on the road. We'd like to thank everyone who has come out to a show! In particular we'd like to thank the following people for making this tour one we'll never forget:
K├Âtti/Dennis/Flo/Claus in Irish Handcuffs for being the best tour buddies we could have wished for, Kyle/T Chances, Phil/The Sedations/The Shed, Shepherd Family/Retro Bar, Hastings Family, 13th Note, Deeker/MTAT/Redd Suite, Micky/1 in 12 Club, Jon/Andrew/The Cavern, Lee/Ryan/Drummonds, Ben/Underground, Steve/New Cross Inn, Astbury Castle, Erwan/Drunk Sincerity/Mc Daid's, and everyone who has cooked for us, shared a stage with us, or helped out in any other way!

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Monday, 25 May 2015, 19:37 Sweet Empire