North Empire Fest 1.5 / TAPE release

We'll be playing North Empire Fest 1.5 this Saturday at De Bakkerij in Castricum (NL). Alongside some really cool bands/friends: Broadcaster, Muncie Girls, All Aboard, The Windowsill, Ride The Fader, and The Lost Noise. Doors are at 5.30pm and it's €6 to get in. Drop by!


We'll also be releasing a compilation tape called 'Cause Vinyl Is For Hipsters this Saturday. Released by Trilob Records, the tape contains The Flood EP, SE/OJW Split, Soapbox, and Torches (acoustic). So get your tape deck out and listen to this bad boy, for only €3 ony of the only 50 copies can be yours.


Tuesday, 5 November 2013, 21:37 Sweet Empire