Final show

Our final show is approaching so we are happy to share some details with you. Besides it being our final show, it will also be the release show of our fourth (and final) album. We wouldn't like to leave you without a special gift of course.
We do have some more specials gifts. For example, Translated will be reuniting for one last time to play our final show with us! They quit exactly 10 years ago, and in the same fashion we will doing: with a show in Cafe Lokaal. Let those good times roll one last time!
Especially as we have Classic You! playing as well. That makes our local punk rock family complete. Classic You! will kick the night off with their energetic skatepunk.
All will be happening at the venue that we have played a million times and we love dearly, Cafe Lokaal in Heemskerk.
See you there.

Monday, 2 October 2023, 13:29 Sweet Empire