Sweet Empire Anniversary Rum

Very special announcement!

The people who know us know we take our booze seriously. We decided it was time to release a special bottle of rum for our 15th birthday.

For this rum Sweet Empire collaborated with Terschellinger company King Cask- Dam Dranken. This small batch Carribean blended rum consists of: 5 year old Barbados, 2 to 8 year old Venezuela, 3 year old Dominican, and unaged Jamaican rum.
All non-chill filtered, unsweetened and without any additives. This blend will further ripen for a short period of time in a Woodford Reserve Bourbon barrel on Terschelling from 26-01-2023 till 21-05-2023. After tasting it, it was decided to bring it to down from 65% to a drinking strength of 52.2%.

If you would like to pre-order a bottle please send a message to us or Rowald via PM (Facebook) or email and we’ll take it up from there.
The costs are 35eu per bottle (excl postage). Disclaimer: the artwork will be different from this picture 😉

The ordered bottles can be picked up at our 15th anniversary gig @ De Groote Weiver the 3rd of june. It will be a very small batch of bottles available so don't sleep on it if you'd like to have a bottle of glorious SE rum.

We hope you enjoy this release as much as we do and don't refrain from sharing it with others while planning the revolution. Sharing=caring. ( It's also okay not to drink – do what you want!)

Sweet Empire out.

Thursday, 13 April 2023, 20:10 Sweet Empire