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Contact Information:
Sweet Empire
Leiestraat 33
1946 TH Beverwijk
The Netherlands, Europe +31 (0)6-13459692 (Jort) (music / merch)

Electronic Press Kit:
Due to all these sharing-websites being shitty (or at least we can't work 'm out) please ask us for a download of our EPK:
Contains: promo pics, logo's, biography, tour info, stage plan.

Sweet Empire is a politically engaged melodic punk rock band from The Netherlands. They have played shows in many different countries around Europe/UK for over the past 10+ years, sharing their socially driven critical views on the world. Their sound is aggressive and emotional, yet melodic and playful. Mixing elements from 80's and 90's punk rock and hardcore, it is difficult to pin this four piece down to one genre.

Sweet Empire is: Rowald - vocals, Jort - guitar / backing vocals, Rick - bass, Koen - drums

Stage Plan:
View our stage plan here.


Promotional Pictures: