Tour. Done.

So tour is over, but not before we thank the following for making the tour a lot of fun:
Günther/Live Warstein, Markus/Jugendcafe Zwiesel, Radim/Patrik Orion Club Tabor, Harry/Das Bach Vienna, Levi/ R33 Budapest, Flo/Sub Graz, Kevin/Cafe Decentral Innsbruck, Attila/Bunker 108 Lahr, Erik/ AZ Aachen. And all the people who fed us, let us stay for the night, shared a beer with us, or/and attended the show! THANK YOU!

A quote for every night, which only we will probably understand:
Warstein: we didn't catch legionella.
Zwiesel: chairs do not break easily and burn even worse.
Tabor: a church doesn't move to the other side of a building.
Vienna: we were not allowed to leave.
Budapest: a beautiful city with lots of bionic arms.
Graz: first time ever sleeping on the ground floor.
Inssbruck: international party city.
Lahr: we are not Swedish.
Aachen: we can do magic with our van.  

Some group pictures for your 'pleasure':
* on our way from Zwiesel, DE to Tabor, CZ

* Nice view in Tabor, CZ

* Enjoying the city. Budapest, HU

* After having a shower and breakfast, still fresh. Graz, AT

* Day off in Vienna, AT. With our dear driver, Wouter.