New song streaming!

On our recent tour we stopped by somewhere in the country side near Norwich to record a song on a beautiful day in a beautiful studio called The Saints with a great guy called Adam. The song, called 'Soapbox', is now streaming on the studio's website. 
Check it our here and click music:
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Music Video

We're going to record a music video for 'Emma' tomorrow. Stoked/siked/etc.!
It will be released in September probably, of course we're doing some kind of release show for it. More info soon!

Tour is over...

We just spent 17 amazing days on the road. We had the best of times.
Pictures and such will follow but for now we'd like to thank the following people for making this an unforgettable journey:
Julia/Benjamin @ Baracke, Chris and all @ Kaoskeller, Heino/Jack/all @ EKH, Tom @ Sub, Fra @ Blue Rose, Gippy and all @ Terra Di Nessuno, Matt/Bomb The Gig @ Deep Inside, Nico @ Rivoli Bar, Romain @ Juke Bocks, Rhys/Jamie @ Mozarts, Rob @ Portland Arms, Jack @ Karma Kafe, Sophie for the place to stay in Norwich, Kieran/Andi/James @ Kraak Gallery, Calum/John/Cooper @ The Empress, Ollie @ The Bird's Nest, Sander/Daan @ Horizont.

Further we'd like to thank all the bands we got to play with:
Victory Points (2x!), It's Not OK (3x!), Nina School (2x!), The Early Grave (2x!), Hot Water Music, La Dispute, Social Distrust, Just Like Rats, Irish Handcuffs, All Bricks, Remedy, Blind Of 69, Hammers, Iron Heel, Chronos Is Gone, Porna & The Kokots, Beata Ignoranza, Cocks, Polar Sun, Dear Hearts, Dividers, The Kid Is Fireworks, Beverly Kills, Apologies I Have None, Leagues Apart, Speedboat Salesman, Dogfight, Eric Bana, James Choice, Flat Earth, The Priceduifkes, and Violent City.

Most thanks to all of you who came and watch a show of ours!

We can't wait to get back on the road again.

EU/UK Tour

We're going on tour this Friday. Of course we don't have to tell you we can't wait...
See you at the show!


Facebook event, with links to all the separate facebook events: here.

Say Cheese! compilation

‘Punk is dead’ is a saying often heard. That’s not true, at least in Holland it is not. To prove the Dutch punk is vibrant and alive non-profit label North Empire will release an online compilation called 'Say Cheese!'


This compilation features 18 Dutch punk rock bands, each contributing one song. Varying from established to upcoming bands, every single one of them hardworking and delivering top quality songs. Making it obvious the Dutch punk scene is alive, varied, and offering a lot of great music to listen to.

Because punk is known as a socially concerned genre all the revenue made with this compilation will go to a good cause. Wakker Dier in this case, a Dutch organization fighting for the welfare of animals in the bio industry. Please help out when you download the compilation.

The compilation is available on a ‘pay what you want’ basis via:

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