The split 7" has been out for over a month now but we're happy to give to you the first review. We're glad it's a positive read. Thanks to Two Beats Off for taking the time to listen and write.


Tour. Done.

So tour is over, but not before we thank the following for making the tour a lot of fun:
Günther/Live Warstein, Markus/Jugendcafe Zwiesel, Radim/Patrik Orion Club Tabor, Harry/Das Bach Vienna, Levi/ R33 Budapest, Flo/Sub Graz, Kevin/Cafe Decentral Innsbruck, Attila/Bunker 108 Lahr, Erik/ AZ Aachen. And all the people who fed us, let us stay for the night, shared a beer with us, or/and attended the show! THANK YOU!

A quote for every night, which only we will probably understand:
Warstein: we didn't catch legionella.
Zwiesel: chairs do not break easily and burn even worse.
Tabor: a church doesn't move to the other side of a building.
Vienna: we were not allowed to leave.
Budapest: a beautiful city with lots of bionic arms.
Graz: first time ever sleeping on the ground floor.
Inssbruck: international party city.
Lahr: we are not Swedish.
Aachen: we can do magic with our van.  

Some group pictures for your 'pleasure':
* on our way from Zwiesel, DE to Tabor, CZ

* Nice view in Tabor, CZ

* Enjoying the city. Budapest, HU

* After having a shower and breakfast, still fresh. Graz, AT

* Day off in Vienna, AT. With our dear driver, Wouter.


We're going on a european tour tomorrow. If you're in the area, come hang!


Split 7" out today!

We're super excited that our split 7" with Fighting Fiction is released today. If you'd like a copy or a free download please click here.
We'd like to thank Fighting Fiction, Shield Recordings, LaserLife Records, and Lockjaw Records for helping out with this release.

Also, our tour starts this week, check the dates on the right! 

New release!

We're very proud to announce that our next release will be a split 7" with our good friends of Fighting Fiction from the UK!


On September 2nd United Kingdom’s Fighting Fiction and Holland’s Sweet Empire will be releasing a split 7” together. The vinyl will contain two new songs of each band.

As Fighting Fiction and Sweet Empire are both melodic punk rock bands, writing songs conveying their opinion about this world the two bands fit together perfectly on this release. After the bands had played a few shows together, and probably shared a beer too many, the idea to release a split record felt very natural. This promise has been kept and will see the light of day on September 2nd. 

Fighting Fiction’s side of the release contains two songs. ‘The Long And Short Of It’ is a song about feeling trodden on; resenting your placement at the bottom of a pyramid shaped food chain. ‘The Trials And Tribulations Of A Talent Show Contestant, “Tonight Matthew I’m going to murder somebody else’s song and pretend that it was the kindest thing to do”.’ This is a song about the depressing rise of the cult of TV personality, and the degradation of art. It features guest vocals from Corbin Parsons of thekidisfireworks, one of UK’s finest bands. This is the longest title the band has given a song ever; thanks go out to Stillbust for goading us into that, with their inventive and hilarious song titles. 

On the other side of the vinyl Sweet Empire deals with the Soviet revolution and how that went totally wrong, on a song called ‘Soviet Deception’. The second song of the Dutch band is called ‘Business Bastards’. This song shows a typical example of how some CEOs manage their companies without any empathy and doing anything to make as much money as possible.

The 7” will be released by three record labels: Shield Recordings (Holland), Lockjaw Records (UK), and Laserlife Records (Austria). The 7” can be ordered directly from the bands or the labels. Also for a stream/download/order of the record please go to

For our local friends: we will do a small release show for the 7" on October 22nd in Cafe Lokaal, Heemskerk. Fighting Fiction and us will be playing. Alongside with new band and friends of Different Homes.  







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