12.5 years - Video "Grand Denial"

Here it is, a new video!
We have just turned 12.5 years old as a band and were hoping to celebrate it with all of you, but guess that's not happening anytime soon. So we have asked a bunch of our best friends to record a video for our song 'Grand Denial', which deals with fact-free politics. Check it out below and please do share!

Need your help - music video

Hi everyone,

We decided to do a little something and we need YOUR help…for a new video!

It’s for our song “Grand Denial” (music and lyrics via the link below). The song deals with fact-free politics; things politicians say that are factually incorrect.We’d like YOU to write down your “favorite” fact-free/untrue/incorrect quote from a politician on a sign + politician’s name – then film yourself with this sign for 10 seconds (horizontally please). BE CREATIVE!

Send the video to our Facebook or sweetempire@gmail.com by August 31st.
Pm for more info.

NB: Please check your facts – make sure your subject actually said/wrote the quote. We don’t want to be like them.

Mega thanks ❤Rowald/Jort/Rick/Koen



One year after its official release our album ‘A New Cycle’ is now available on cassette. Limited to 30 copies and made possible by Trilob Records. Available in our online store.



Cancelled shows

Unfortunately our weekender in Germany for late April has been cancelled, due to reasons that have probably affected all of us: Corona.
We will be back later for sure, but in the meantime please support those who are in desperate need due to the current situation. Look out for each other and hope we can all meet soon in good health. 

Tour is over

We had such a blast on tour! Thanks to everyone who made it happen. We love you from the bottom of our hearts.
Now for some well deserved sleep... We'll be back soon, promise. 


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